Monday, June 20, 2011

Pocket Ref (Glover, Thomas J)

Rating: 5
Year: 1989/20006 (3rd Ed.)
Genre: Technical
Read again? all the time.

Maybe it's a little too big for a pocket, but this hefty little book is incredibly useful.

Do you need to know the hand signals for guiding a crane or hoist operator? Page 105.

Wiring diagrams for common trailer wiring harnesses? Page 41.

Perpetual calendar? Page 737.

Airport 3-letter codes? 290.

...for Frankfurt, Germany? 301.

If you look on page 384, you'll note that rabbit skin glue can be used for bonding wood but is mainly used in gilding, artwork and furniture repair.

Page 537 starts a section on knots.

This little book seemingly has it all--mathematical formulae, physics and chemistry, masonry, military ranks, automotive, carpentry & construction, first aid, surveying and mapping, tools, weather, welding, and conversion tables packed into nearly 800 pages.

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