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Anderson, Kevin J
Star Wars: Darksaber

Anderton, Craig
Electronic Projects for Musicians
Projects for Guitarists

Asprin, Robert
Myth #1: Another Fine Myth
Myth #2: Myth Conceptions
Myth #3: Myth Directions

Barber, Barrington
Complete Introduction to Drawing, The

Barker, Clive
Hellbound Heart, The

Beinhart, Larry
Salvation Boulevard

Benchley, Peter

Billings, John D
Hard Tack and Coffee

Blandford, Neil & Jones, Bruce
World's Most Evil Men, The

Bonano, Margaret Wander
Star Trek: TOS--Strangers From the Sky

Brewer, Gene
On a Beam of Light

Butcher, Jim
Dresden Files 01: Storm Front
Dresden Files 02: Fool Moon
Dresden Files 03: Grave Peril
Dresden Files 04: Summer Knight
Dresden Files 05: Death Masks
Dresden Files 06: Blood Rites
Dresden Files 07: Dead Beat
Dresden Files 08: Proven Guilty
Dresden Files 09: White Night
Dresden Files 10: Small Favor
Dresden Files 11: Turn Coat
Dresden Files 12: Changes
Dresden Files 13: Ghost Story
Quickie: The Dresden Files (Series)

Carey, Diane
Star Trek: TOS--Final Frontier
Star Trek--TOS #31 Battlestations!
Star Trek--TOS 29: Dreadnought!

Chaikin, Andrew
Man on the Moon, A

Chandler, Raymond
Bay City Blues (short story)
Curtain, The (short story)
Farewell, My Lovely
Finger Man (short story)
Goldfish (short story)
Killer in the Rain (short story)
Lady in the Lake, The (short story)
Man Who Liked Dogs, The (short story)
Mandarin's Jade (short story)
No Crime in the Mountains (short story)
Red Wind (short story)
Trouble Is My Business (collection)
Trouble is my Business (short story)
Try the Girl (short story)

Clancy, Tom
Without Remorse

Clarke, Arthur C
2001: A Space Odyssey
2010: Odyssey 2
2061: Odyssey Three
3001: Final Odyssey

Crispin, AC
Star Trek--TOS #39: Time for Yesterday
Star Trek--TOS #8 Yesterday's Son

Daley, Brian
Solo 01--Han Solo at Star's End
Solo 02--Han Solo's Revenge
Solo 03--Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

David, Peter
Star Trek: TNG Imzadi
Star Trek: TNG--Vendetta

de Quesada, Alejandro
Quickie: A History of Florida Forts

Dillard, JM
Star Trek--TOS: The Lost Years

Donato, Ray
Rush (Guitar Superstar Series)

Feynman, Richard
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!

Foster, Alan Dean
Splinter of the Mind's Eye

Friedman, Michael J
Star Trek--TOS #45: Double, Double

Gardner, Craig Shaw
Back to the Future II

Gilman, George
Edge: 01 The Loner

Gipe, George
Back to the Future

Glover, Thomas
Pocket Ref (3e)

Graham, Brad & McGowan, Kathy
101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius
51 High-Tech Practical Jokes for the Evil Genius

Hammett, Dashiell
Maltese Falcon, The

Hitchens, Christopher
God Is Not Great

Hooker, Richard

Jenkins, Dennis & Frank, Jorge
Apollo 11 Moon Landing: 40th Anniversary Photographic Retrospective, The

Kim, Ashida
Forbidden Fighting Techniques of the Ninja

Krutein, Wernher
American Lighthouses

Lackey, Mercedes
Bard's Tale 1--Castle of Deception
Tregarde 01: Burning Water
Tregarde 02: Children of the Night
Tregarde 03: Jinx High
Valdemar (series)
Valdemar 01: The Black Gryphon
Valdemar 02: The White Gryphon
Valdemar 03: The Silver Gryphon
Valdemar 04: Magic's Pawn
Valdemar 05: Magic's Promise
Valdemar 06: Magic's Price
Valdemar 07: Brightly Burning
Valdemar 08: The Oathbound
Valdemar 09: Oathbreakers
Valdemar 10: Oathblood
Valdemar 11: Exile's Honor
Valdemar 12: Exile's Valor
Valdemar 13: Take a Thief
Valdemar 14: Arrows of the Queen
Valdemar 15: Arrow's Flight
Valdemar 16: Arrow's Fall
Valdemar 17: By the Sword
Valdemar 18: Winds of Fate
Valdemar 19: Winds of Change
Valdemar 20: Winds of Fury

Lamm, John
Quickie: DeLorean: Stainless Steel Illusion

Leonard, Elmore
Maximum Bob

Levy, Matthys & Salvadori, Mario
Why Buildings Fall Down

Linford, Jenny

Martin, George RR
Quickie: A Song of Ice and Fire (series)
SIF 01: A Game of Thrones
SIF 02: A Clash of Kings
SIF 03: A Storm of Swords
SIF 04: A Feast for Crows

McCarthy, Cormac
No Country for Old Men

Meyer, Kathleen
How to Shit in the Woods

Mitchell, VE
Star Trek #65--Windows on a Lost World

Morgan-Griffiths, Lauris
Ansel Adams: Landscapes of the American West

Morwood, Peter
Star Trek: TOS #48--Rules of Engagement

Nance, John J
Final Approach

Oltion, Jerry
Star Trek: TOS 081 Mudd in your Eye

Penfold, RA
Electronic Projects for Guitar

Rauch, Earl Mac
Buckaroo Banzai

Reeves-Stevens, Judith & Garfield
Star Trek: Federation
Star Trek: TOS Prime Directive

Roach, Mary
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Ross, Michael
Getting Great Guitar Sounds

Sagan, Carl
Demon-Haunted World, The

Scott, Justin
Shipkiller, The

Sherman, Josepha
Bard's Tale 2--The Chaos Gate

Sinclair, Upton
Jungle, The

Stackpole, Michael
Star Wars: I, Jedi

Straub, Peter
Floating Dragon

Takahashi, Rumiko
Quickie: Ranma 1/2 (series)

Thayer, James
Terminal Event

Toole, JK
Confederacy of Dunces, A

Rush Complete (2 volumes) and Deluxe Anthology

Quickie: Star Wars: New Jedi Order (series)

Weaver, John
Quickie: A Legacy in Brick and Stone

Weinstein, Howard
Star Trek--TNG #06 Power Hungry

Wels, Susan
Pearl Harbor: America's Darkest Day

Wilson, F Paul
Keep, The

Zahn, Timothy
Star Wars: Hand of Thrawn 01--Spectre of the Past
Star Wars: Hand of Thrawn 02--Vision of the Future
Star Wars: Thrawn 01--Heir to the Empire
Star Wars: Thrawn 02--Dark Force Rising
Star Wars: Thrawn 03: The Last Command

Zelazny, Roger
Amber 01: Nine Princes in Amber
Amber 01: Nine Princes in Amber (short review)
Amber 02: The Guns of Avalon
Amber 02: The Guns of Avalon (short review)
Amber 03: Sign of the Unicorn
Amber 03: Sign of the Unicorn
Amber 04: The Hand of Oberon
Amber 05: The Courts of Chaos
Quickie: Chronicles of Amber, The (Series)

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