Thursday, October 23, 2008

Amber 03: Sign of the Unicorn

Rating: 5/5

Date: 1975

Read again? Yes.

Man, the little blurb on the back of my copy seems to be about a different book, but everyone knows not to look at them, right?

Corwin has the throne of Amber, but he is not yet king. It's been a week since the end of "The Guns of Avalon." Corwin's been too busy trying to hold the realm together to bother with taking up the Crown.

Someone's killed Caine, one of Corwin's brothers, and suspicion has fallen upon him as the culprit.

Unknown agents have imprisoned Brand, another brother, in a tower in a distant Shadow.

There's the mystery of the Black Road, which leads from Amber through all Shadows to the Courts of Chaos, and upon which the Enemy might be riding even now to lay siege to Amber yet again.

And there's the realization of the true nature of Amber and the Pattern.

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